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find your talents.

In a world full of busy, talented people, it seems like we are constantly searching. 

Where do we fit? What are we good at? Where should we go and who should we hang around? 

As different as those things can be there is always the oner central question…well, what am I good at?

Maybe you grow up confident in your abilities or maybe as time goes on you grow more quiet to those talents due to negative experiences, social media, comparison, doubts and fears. I

t’s reality and it’s the crippling power of our world. It can paralyze you.

 But you don’t have to serve your doubts and you sure won’t find your fire focusing on another’s success or highlight reel.

Touch, text, swipe, snap…it all plays a part in our life.

But there’s something about self awareness.

There’s something about searching your heart and soul for what God has created you for.

What has he put in you, does it matter, is it valuable and can you change the world around you?

Yes, you can. Start small but dream big. You carry weight on this earth and you must know that pursuing your purpose is worth it.

Here’s 5 need to knows when searching for your talents in a seemingly “talented” world.


This is easier said than done but if we are going to be our best selves, cultivate our potential and use what we have…we have to just be ourselves. With so many options and so many distractions, it can be easy to chase what you are not. Don’t fall for the trap. Don’t get stuck in a mindset so deep with comparison that you lack loving who God made you to be. Learn, hustle and admire things around you but know…you’ve been created with purpose. You will always be the best you. There’s no sense of chasing a skin that isn’t your very own.


Be more. Do this, do that. Stay busy. Grind. We can take things for what they are but when we find ourselves in over our head of things, we may miss our strongest points. You’ve been gifted with a few things from the start. God birthed you from day one. Unique abilities exist in your bones so why lose focus on what needs to be developed? There’s a great quote of “fanning into flame your gifts.” I’m not saying it’s time to dismiss your weakness but to lack in developing your strengths would be foolish. Go all in for what God made you for. Seize the potential. Be strong in those things. As you grow and put the effort into those strengths, you’ll shine with purpose. Run well.


Our position and preparation is everything. And no matter your belief system or your heart towards certain things, great preparation always wins. We have opportunities. We have expectations and uniquely, we are placed in situations to rise or fall. It’s our position and then the preparation to follow through that will create a mentality to succeed. We can’t control everything but you can always control how you prepare. Win with these controllable and pray as your life depends on it. Ask God for alignment. Believe in the specific desires he’s put in your heart. Talents are revealed in the dirt of preparation. Believe that the work you put in before anything else, will set you up to discover the best you. It’s part of the process. 


Fear never propels us. Did you hear that? Fear may create an opportunity to move but without anything else, it will cripple you. We must declare war on our doubts. Fear has no place to reside in our hearts. In some instances, we have to be careful that our fears don’t cover up our talent. Because talent will always shine in the confidence of us. When we decide to live with this confidence, we denounce fear. Make it an everyday mentality. Fear must go. Fear must bow. I will either step against my fears and let my talents shine to the world…or I will be crippled by these doubts and only ever see things as “wishful thinking.”



It’s always said that those who surround you will either lift you up or tear you down. Check right now and see who those voices are.

How do they affect you? Do they help shape your life? Inspire you for more? Help spur on the battle ready mentality in your life? If so, ask your people. And what I mean is that those running through life alongside you will always see the best you. They see your potential. They watch you. They believe in you. So if you ever feel your talents hard to find, or your doubts weighing you down, talk to them. Your people will be your strength and they will remind you “you were born for this, go for it and we got you.” Trust that.

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Carson Case