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the fears of your 20's.

I just want to put this out in the open…

Aren’t we all a little scared? I mean twenty something years old, going through life, maybe a relationship, maybe single, maybe a few dollars, maybe broke as a joke…it’s part of it.

What a beautiful time to be alive but also some of the most frustrating years of your life.

First, you are finally getting to “adult.” Yes, your decisions are your own. I’m not saying you didn’t have authority before your 20’s but for most of the world, it’s go time. You decide your bank account. You decide your faith (not what your parents raised you in). You go to work or you sleep in. You dream or you do (or both). There’s a million possibilities and for some of us it’s like …. “woah, I love this…”


for many of days it’s like “crap, life sucks.”

“What’s my purpose here”

“Is God real?”

“Do I actually have any real friends?”

“Will I even get a better job than the one I’m working now?”


Reality is, for some of us…it’s actually worse.

Your life is completely broken. You parents didn’t work out. Someone is extremely sick. You truly have no money to live. There is a deep, lonely feeling you are carrying out because all the friends you thought you had on Instagram and through snapchat vids actually aren’t there for you. This is real life.

If you’re reading this, I need you to know that fear is not going to rule your life.

You aren’t going to waste these years.

And no, you aren’t even going to use them just to “black out” and “live your best life.”


There’s a life you can have. Of faith. Of real community and of hope.

No, this isn’t some motivational, get a better life now blog…this is the truth.

I want to lay a few things out for you. Fear is a liar. Your 20’s are not the end of your life but the are an incredible starting point to build, dream, and create the life you actually long to live.

  1. It’s time to be brave; you aren’t just trapped in fear, you keep making excuses for yourself instead of stepping into the unknown.

  2. It’s time that you distance yourself from environments that have put a lid on your growth. YES…this may include people. It doesn’t mean you don’t love. But it’s the wisdom of walking into new territory that will be healthier for you.

  3. Declare that MONEY will not hold the power over your soul. We’ve seen it from generation to generation. And if you’re like me, I come from a family with the blessing of finances. Doesn’t mean I have to have them now, right away, or ever. Relax. Breathe. Money will not be your master.

  4. Let’s learn to be faithful where we are. I was encouraged by a friend the other day, to take root where God has me. It may not be the most comfortable, the best paying, but I’m being shaped here. Stay faithful. When you embrace faithfulness and “thank you’s” to God…that overwhelming love helps eliminate fears. Fears will continue to rise if you don’t pause and just learn love what you have/work where God has ya.

I believe more than ever in our generation. I’m 23. Far from perfect, with a new marriage and a fresh, yet unknown season of life. But I’m declared expectation over this season. IT’s going to be good. Not because it’s going to lack obstacles…but because my mindset is firmly rooted in faith. I’m ROOTED in the goodness of God and the people I have surrounding me.

So YOU…twenty something year old…take stake in your life right now. The ground that you stand on will produce something. You aren’t stuck. You aren’t trash. This isn’t the end. No, these years are going to be used for incredible things. You must declare that now. Over every situation in your life, beautiful or ugly…expectation is there.

We are believing that these years won’t be crippled by FEAR…NOPE.

These years will be FULL of fresh perspective, blessing, and new beginnings.

even if it’s hard sometimes…

Love you. Believe in you.

Carson Case