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not what it used to be.

life has changed a lot more than you imagined and there’s just something about being honest. Out of the hundreds of conversations I’ve had recently, one thing always sticks out. The unexpected happened for almost everyone.

You never saw your parents getting divorced

You never thought you’d be single this long (lol)

You had a dream to do something big, only until it failed miserably

See, the unexpected is brutal but it’s realistic.

I want you to sit for a minute and think about the last 6 months, or the last year. What has made you tick, what has made you hope, who has disappointed you. whatever it is…come to the realization that, that was THEN and this is NOW.

Things obviously aren’t what they used to be. It’s a new year and I love that. But there’s something special about reality actually crushing your expectations (I know this sounds weird but you’ll get me)…it’s the fact that the “crushing” leaves room for growth, and growth opens up the doorway to “not what used to be” but something completely new and fresh. It’s been bugging me all day thinking through my own life, realizing the new season that I’m in and going “dang, why did it happen this way?”

But in the forefront of my mind, God leaves me with a word that I need to remind myself of, “expect something new.” If we don’t create new expectations especially in the wake of 2019, more than often, we will find ourselves crippled by what didn’t happen and failing to hope for something new.

I call this perspective.

Perspective is the one thing you can control, when the chaos of uncontrollable things is happening around you. I want you to read this and learn to shift your mindset. If something is, then it is. But we can grab ahold of a new view for what’s on the way. If we use the “old perspective” for the newer things God has coming, chances are we won’t be ready to see it. The way you see it is everything. I hope you can change your perspective. and I’m not trying to, in any way, neglect the hurting feelings you probably have over some things that have transpired. But the truth is, it’s not what it used to be. And you don’t have to just “get used to it”… no, that’s a lazy way to still be imprisoned in your mind. The key is your new perspective. CHOOSE TO SEE DIFFERENTLY.

now, I hope we are getting somewhere…

your feelings are still there

and maybe just maybe, you are still haunted about how things have turned out

but you’re lacking PEACE and it’s noticeable .

See, PEACE doesn’t change the storm but it changes us.

And I know there are obviously some things you would have wanted to go differently, but now that you are shifting your perspective, you need to find peace.

Peace is FLEEING the distractions and finding rest. Rest may not be like a “nice little nap” but more of like a PITSTOP for the soul. Take a pause. Check your surroundings. How about your faith? Have you talked to God in a while? Maybe it’s time to do that. It could change everything.

That PEACE is going to come from someone and something bigger than you. HINT, re read the paragraph above. Relax.

Perspective, peace, and now what?

My thought is this: Possibilities (new ones)

This is really just a very simple word for hope, new steps, and something better.

If you want new possibilities it’s going to take new habits. Reality is one thing, but our own stupidity (sorry just being honest) is usually linked to how things unfold. Whether we have the HABIT of doubting, the habit of talking too much, the habit of saying things we don’t mean, or just creating excuses when we should’ve acted. If you want new possibilities to surface in your life, you are going to need to create new habits. YES. that’s what I’m saying. and sorry, but all these things aren’t just “easy.” That’s why I’m writing to you. Hopefully to help, hopefully to shed light where it might be a little dark. So talk to someone and talk to God. Get out of your funk.




Take these with you^ to bed tonight, and I hope you begin feeling new.

can you keep up?

what’s your excuse?

how about your perspective?

Control your view of things, not the things going on around you.


Carson Case