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here's your answer.


It's evident how hard you've been working. you reap what you sow and man, you've been sowing some good seeds. This season has been proof of the steps you've been taking. The relationship is finally coming together. the friends are getting closer. the vision is gaining more clarity. maybe the family isn't where you want it to be, but it's growing. take a good look & say thank you. it's time you open your eyes to this answer that's been in process for so long.

haven't you prayed for these answers? the fruit is visible now. God answered. 

You’ve constantly asked. for it to happen? for it to be? for a life filled with purpose? for healing? for a new beginning?


                                                     Yeah, me too.

It went on for months and months before I had the courage to actually take action and ask the question. it went a little something like this...

                                       “Erin Ortiz, will you be my wife”

Ha! I’m talking about marrying the woman of my dreams but for you, it could be ANYTHING. what is the answer you've been looking for? look back at all your steps, all your tears, all your've got some answers.

A person



A new life

Your family

Your job

We all are asking for things, we all want certain things to happen in our lives, and sometimes we just don’t expect an answer.

I want to encourage you, stop limiting yourself.

And stop limiting God. He's bigger than you could ever imagine and there's some things he wants to be in your life. but it takes YOU. it takes courage.


I’ve learned that answers don’t just happen, but they’re a by-product of a willing heart, of courageous prayers and the best- active steps. I've seen it since March. I'm not just writing this to you, I'm working to live it WITH YOU.

So what’s the answer you’re looking for right now?

What’s your hope?

What’s been a desperate prayer?


Better yet, what have you been doing in your life for that answer?

Because I believe fruit can be RIGHT NOW. it can be today. I remember thinking how crazy is it to ask this girl to marry me 8 months into dating? How can I pay? How could I step? What will she say? How will it work? Where will we live in the next year?


you know what all of those thoughts have in common? As realistic as they are, they all hold LIMITS. Limits that I am not obligated to live with. This is a wild life we get to live, with crazy decisions, and crazy prayers. I dare you to open your eyes to the answers you have around you.


I dare you to step so that you can have your answer today, tomorrow, this week.

I believe it.

I'm engaged and on a wild ride. But courage and dangerous prayers got me here. I didn't let my worries limit my action. It's a joyous thing when you get the answers you were fighting to receive and faith was on the other side of that fruit.

We can't just talk faith anymore, or post about it, we have to live it.

There's power when we live like this. I hope God blesses your courage. 

Carson Case