blazing trails to show people love and bring hope to dark places.


it all makes sense.


a sense of peace. you’ve been looking for it all along remember? 


remember those tears you were crying 6 months ago?

remember that person who broke your heart and never came back?

remember that dream that failed over and over again?

remember the pain your family went through?


Yep, it happened. but you aren’t there anymore. You have peace. You are standing on new ground, in a new space, a new place. you aren’t the you that you used to be and that’s a good thing. I’m not writing this to tell you something new, I’m writing this to remind you…look how far you’ve come. Look at the peace you have now that you lacked long ago. I remember those tears I cried a year ago. I remember my bruised knuckles from beating a punching bag back and forth until I didn’t feel the pain any longer. I remember the feeling of loss, when things changed in a way I had never asked God for. but I got stronger. you know that feeling? when things seem to spiral left and right, but you never prayed for that? you never asked God? but it happened. 


Maybe you’re reading this and you aren’t where you’d hope to be….but you’re better. look how much you’ve grown. those tears did something to you. they built you for your future. 


See, I learned something over this past season. When we feel like we are down and out…it’s not over.

When we’ve lost all faith, God hasn’t.

When our strength has failed us, God brings us more.


Maybe the memories are flooding you now. You sense the hurt, the pain, the echoes of what could’ve been…but you need to know that you made it this far. Where you sit now is a place of peace and a place of victory. You can continue to step forward knowing that it wasn’t the end.


HOLD UP... what about me????? what about us???? the ones who still feel like the peace is far and the air is thin? Carson, we hear you about “making it there” but we don’t feel like we’ve made it anywhere? hear me out. Don’t lose your grip. You’re holding on in the last rounds of pain. It might be that a certain person needs to leave your life but hasn’t yet, and it’s killing you. or it’s the fact that you see the new season in the distance, but you haven’t stepped on the new ground just yet. I’m asking you to keep holding to hope…because you were never promised defeat. You were meant to make it.


Maybe you lost people along the way.

Maybe you said “I’ll never change,” but God changed you.

Maybe the one you thought you were going to marry isn’t the one after all.


These are real moments for all of us. Moments that have shaped us and even scarred us along the way. but there’s something special about prevailing through the storm. there’s something divine about trudging through the hurt and making it to the other side. It’s a God thing and it will always be a God thing.


I want you to remember something as you sit where you sit…

You were never alone.

You can’t forget how faithful he was.

You can’t forget even the worst moments because even those were stepping stones to your next season.


Sometimes it’s not about the picture perfect path, but the destination you arrive at. it works out. the pieces come together. some people stay and some fade away. but you have to believe that you will make it.

this is for those that feel like quitting now.

this is for those that need a flare in their fire.

this is for those who feel like their strength is failing.


you made it this far. keep going. He’s a good God.



Carson Case