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over and over again.

you ever feel like you’re working your butt off, you are running here and there, you’re spending time with anyone and everyone…but at the end of it all there’s this wall that keeps popping up in your journey and you can’t get through it? it’s like over and over again it smacks you in the face and it seems like no matter what you do, you can’t get past it. Obstacles are hard but they’re inevitable. We all go through hard things and we all hit a wall…eventually (if you aren’t there yet, it’s coming). But i believe what makes the obstacles uncomfortable isn’t the obstacle itself…it’s the road of hitting it over and over again. what the heck? 

why do I keep ending up here


why has God put this in my way when I seem to be doing everything right


what is the point of this wall if I can’t get past it


where is the breakthrough


what if I’ve tried 221342x to leap over it


to run through it


to pray about it


I believe that all the things above have run through your head recently. they have for me. but i’ve learned some things not exactly about beating this wall…but coming to it in a different way. See I’ve read a lot of stories, seen a lot of comments, and something always comes full circle to me in my struggles. It’s not about what’s in front of you, it’s how you look at it. So many times we are standing head up, eyes blazing, ready to conquer the beast…but we lose over and over again because we’ve never changed our perspective. Ya hear me? it's never meant to crush you (God loves you too much), it's meant to change you. 


you see, so many of us are running straight to the obstacle hoping for the millionth time that we’d conquer, but we haven’t changed.

it’s like going to the gym every week, doing the same workout, hoping that in 6 months you’d have the beach body you’ve always prayed for.

something has to change. and it’s not what’s in front of you, it’s in you.


I believe God has allowed that SAME WALL to stand between you and NEW things…over and over again until you decide to change something within yourself.


change is only effective when it sprouts from discomfort in your journey.

now is the time to chase the change, not the comfort.


after reading this, you may be headed towards the obstacle for your last time…not because you’ve discovered its weakness, but because you’ve discovered your strength.


i’m tired of it for our generation. over and over again we go. over and over again we wonder.


the constant battle has been good for you…but it’s time to conquer.


your wall will now become your catalyst because you see it differently. 

you'll never get to the other side unless you begin DIFFERENTLY.

conquer it.

Carson Case