blazing trails to show people love and bring hope to dark places.


but not yet.

It’s real to say that some of us feel stuck in a place of “what the heck,” and “why am i here.” Some would say this is normal and I would agree. our generation believes everything should happen instantly and that life is more like a microwave…things should pop up when we want. but not yet. that’s the whisper i’ve heard lately. it takes time. the best things are built through many many days and nights. you are being molded right now. you are being shaped. your heart is taking leaps to new places and not yet, maybe you aren’t ready for that next person, that next job, that new city…i don’t know what your next is. but felt like writing. I think God has put some of our wants on hold because he knows that if we had them right now…we would ruin it. we would ruin what we aren’t ready for. I wanna help you hold tight in your process (don’t cheat what’s on its way, see below). Let’s take a breath in our current situation and believe together for a couple things.

you’ll be ready in due time.


you’re growing and that’s a good thing.


its not over, it just hurts.


as you’re reading this now; You want what you may even need, but if you got it now it’d be wasted. When you’re put through the process and receive it at the needed moment…it’ll be BLESSED.

the possibility...

now = burden

in true time = blessing


I’ve come to realize that our needs are our needs, but our wants even possibly aligned with the heart of God…are seasonal. We may truly deserve the best thing, but that thing will ONLY be brought to its fullest potential in its correct season…..I want you to think on something though. If you cheat, you'll ruin what could be. I'm not a fan of could be's...but I'm speaking the truth about this. There's endless possibilities in your process now, but there's endless moments of "ruin" if you choose to run from what's hard, find a route that isn't from God, or doubt the whole thing and burn what you've built. Don't stop now.


say this, “it’s SEASONAL.” It’s for you, but not yet.

Sometimes we are wanting what we aren’t ready for.

it’s the WHO…it’s in the season, becoming the you that’s needed for what may be coming

the timing is at the core of IT.

I hope that together, in this chilly November, we can trust as one people that good things are coming and good things are right in front of us...


it’s a good thing, it’s probably for you… just not yet

Carson Case