blazing trails to show people love and bring hope to dark places.


right where you are.

Sometimes it's hard to like the place you're at. You've built this image in your mind over years and years, that when you get THAT age, or when you get to THAT place, that's how you'll feel. It almost always doesn't turn out that way. I find it funny that God is way ahead of us. And at times when we are trying to see something new, we dismiss the place where we stand. Maybe you're going through this now like “Carson, where I stand is terrible. Where God has me is brutal. Where I sit is a place of darkness and defeat." It could be true. And honestly, I've felt similar feelings right where I am now.  But THAT place may be your place right now. THAT place may be a place to be molded, to change, to thrive, to cry out, to build. The place in life that you're at now, you may hate but it could be the very place you've been called to WAIT.


For me, I feel like sometimes I lack what I should have. That right now in my life I should have more talent, money, and success. And I think as a young person, it’s easy to believe that if we move from one place to another that we will be “happier” or more satisfied. That is NOT TRUE. I’m sick of seeing our culture swim in negativity because they believe where they stand isn’t where they should be. I want to declare over your life right now…that exactly where you are is where you’re needed. 

Esther 4:14 + Ephesians 3:20

right where you are is the perfect time to believe bigger than you ever have before.






God wants to do something right where you are.


You’re missing the blessing of now because all you want is to be somewhere else.

You’ll never find joy.

You’ll never be happy.

unless you find it in the now.


The place I hated- Oh how I used to hate Myrtle Beach. After 4 years in I told God, I’d be moving far away once things ended. I’d be finding a girlfriend in a different place because this wasn’t good enough. I’d be finding a better job because THIS place couldn’t offer it. And I’d be making more friends around the country instead of my backyard because my perspective was trash. It was only when I chose to look at my place and my life…and declare “God, here I am. Use me here. Let me love where I stand.”


Then I witnessed the beautiful, and I still am. A growing city. A community of the most incredible people you’ve ever seen. An amazing girl by my side (Erin, you are so good looking). and so so so much more.


The unknown is never fun (eh, God help me). I'd love to see the next thing or move on to THAT thing. But I believe as a culture we have to start loving where we are instead of wishing it away. We have to stop letting feelings dictate our lives and start trusting God to guide our steps. Let us look at the place where we are in life right now with a greater lens. There’s potential in this ground. There’s potential in my now.


Now, see where you are and declare your greatest dreams over it…won’t God do it.

Carson Case