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your best yes.

I’ve found it very difficult being young and saying "yes" to almost everything. 

I’m sure you can relate, whoever you are reading this. We have our families, our social lives, school work, multiple jobs, our money (I have none... shoutout to those who can relate), and a billion other things. When life moves so fast and you want to please everyone and say all the right things, you can easily get caught up. At 22, it’s what I’ve come to know as the “yes syndrome.” With so many cool things and people, we want to say yes to them all. Is that even possible? is that even healthy? is it even worth our time? that’s what has been running through my head. I’ve experienced such struggle and unwanted stress in the past year of my life due to so many “yes’s.” Straight up, you were not created to overload your life with the word “yes.” You were created for your best yes, for the unique things that fit your mind and talents, and for the people who appreciate your “yes,” not those who see you commit then leave you in the dust. I hope we can start thinking about this more. I’m tired of seeing teenagers and young adults create a whirlwind of stress for their life. God didn’t make you for that. He made you with such purpose, that as you seek and seize that, your yes for HIS THINGS will flourish. So to the one reading this saying “amen amen Carson, this is where I am” I want to speak some things over you. Because if your “yes” is being overused then there’s some things you need to walk away from and not to mention some people, too.

you can’t please everyone, hello I hope you hear this.

you’ll never find your best yes in the eyes of people’s approval. You can’t please them all. You can’t be everywhere at once. Not everyone will always like you. I think that so many days we live in a timid state of “I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by saying no” but the truth is you have your own road to walk. Start taking a deep breath and learning to say yes to where you are actually needed, not where people want you. God designed a “yes” for your life that holds power and blessing. It isn’t meant for everyone. You have a passion for certain things. Like literally, look at your life and realize that you are gifted in things. Spend time on your passions. Many of you are running after people and things that WERE NOT made for you. It’s just wasting your time and your gifts. GO WHERE GOD NEEDS YOU. Go where you can thrive. Plant where you can flourish. It matters.

you need to walk away from some people.

HELLO!!! Not everyone has your best interest in mind. Especially if you’re a college student or young adult, realize that not everyone loves you the way you think. I love people but sometimes they really frustrate me (know what I mean?). You may have people all around you, talking about your gifts and how great you could be in their life…then things get moving and they throw you to the side. WHY? because it wasn’t what you thought. Here’s a thought: get to know people a little more before you let them in your life. This may be your YES to relationships you never were meant for, friends who never really cared, or groups that you were never called to. This YES is the one that will keep you safe. Protect your heart, y’all. People will tell you anything just to get something from you. Once you think more about your best yes, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary heartbreak and brokenness. moral of the story, guard your YES.

good things vs great things.

This will blow your mind and it’s so true. Often we are walking through our lives saying yes to so many things and…those things are actually GOOD THINGS. But the crazy reality is that God promised you GREAT things, not just “decent” things. You may have a million choices during your week, high school student, college student, single mom, struggling parent. And some of the things right in front of you are good. But your life will be more joyful and more blessed once you see the GREAT things and say yes to them. When we learn to choose great over good, we step into a better future for our lives. your best is right in front of you more than you think. Our problem right now is just OUR YES. It matters what you say yes to. Don’t choose a stressful life if you don’t have to. Don’t choose everyone if they aren’t for you like they say. 


Say yes. Say yes. Say yes…but to your best things, not everything.

Carson Case